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    Plate glass wool insulation material properties

    Plate glass wool insulation material properties

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    Plate glass wool insulation material properties

    The mechanical properties of the insulating material of glass wool board

    Strength: base material, the external force (load) does not destroy the effects, can withstand the maximum load. Depending on the type of external force, a train, a shear strength, compressive strength, flexural strength (bending), strength of the material.

    Strength grade: tensile strength according to the size, is divided into a number of different levels, so-called the degree of strength of materials. Its tensile strength is mainly made of a plastic material and plastic material are classified in accordance with its classification brittle material compressive strength.

    A particular strength: is the strength and apparent density, strength, and a specific ratio of the material. This is an important indicator of the performance of the material, light weight, high strength measures. The greater the intensity, the better the performance of the material of the light weight, high strength.

    Elasticity: when the external force is removed, the material is deformed under external force, can be fully restored to the original form of nature.

    Plasticity: material remains deformed under an external force when the external force is released, and the size and shape after deformation properties. Brittle materials under loads, type the sudden destruction occurs before any significant plastic deformation.

    Occurs under the action of shock or vibration absorbing material can load, high energy, and a large deformation of the type of damage: strength.