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    More, faster, better, lightweight wall materials Province

    More, faster, better, lightweight wall materials Province

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    More, faster, better, lightweight wall materials Province

    A multi-function

    1. Expanded green natural stone processing made absolutely no industrial waste products, non-radioactive substances.

    2. Environmental antibacterial surface drying of the product, help inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria, the body of water type excellent wall can automatically adjust the indoor air humidity.

    3. Fire saving, perlite insulation must have fuel, designated a national fire safety products.

    4. Seismic crack, this product is steel mesh sandwich technology, painted walls and beamed after the formation of the overall structure, greatly improving the seismic capacity, while flooding of perlite walls and beams can Bonding better, less prone to cause material characteristics of the different thermal expansion and contraction cracks occur.

    5. prevent dry noise, noise factor ≥45db.

    Two construction soon

    Per 100 m2 installation only five hours

    Three finished good

    After the smooth stucco walls smooth, never cracks, fire shock, holding moisture, good sound effects.

    Four multi save money

    Construction units and construction units for labor-saving quota and quota materials, improve construction efficiency and reduce the duration for the user to save the wall area occupied houses more than 5%, the increase in the effective use of surface