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    Zhanhong(Fujian) Panel Development Co., Ltd. was established in 2008, the company is specialized in the board industry manufacture, sale, installation as one of the large enterprises in Jinjiang City. The company occupies 55,000 square meters, construction area of 30,000 square meters. Company size among the forefront in Fujian Province, technical strength, is a professional production of polyurethane cold plate, polystyrene sandwich panels, rock wool sandwich panel, phenolic sandwich panels, polyurethane sandwich panels, manual (polyurethane , polystyrene, mineral wool, phenolic) sandwich panels, cold storage doors. To meet the diverse needs of domestic and foreign. Insulation board production company, from shearing, folding, beading, stereotypes are used in automated production line equipment, high-pressure foam machine foam, one-stop complete production process. Product quality in a leading position at home and abroad, the company annual output of up to 1.5 million square meters.

    The company has research and development, design, manufacture, sale, installation professional team, from project design to the completion of the entire project, according to customer specification requirements, to help customers select the most suitable type of composite plates with selection and board; in the course of the project, to provide the most technical support in place and construction guidance, you exclude worries.

    The company has five computer-controlled automated production line and the introduction of a foreign imported automaticcomputer-controlled polyurethane sandwich panel production line, using modern mechanisms to manage the entire process.

    Our products are fully compliant with international standards. Zhanhong composite panels with a variety of different specificationsinro, two dozen plate, products with stable quality, high energy saving and environmental protection, mechanical strength, excellentinsulation properties, fire protection meet national standards, good weather resistance and aging resistance, appearance and other advantages. Composite panels inro adopt international standards for the design, smooth and beautiful, reliable strength, tight joints, which can effectively prevent cold bridges.

    Our products are superior performance, are widely used in construction, large industrial plants, large storage, medium-sizedrefrigerator, airport construction, chemical, energy, the gymnasium, (hospitals, electronics, fisheries, food) purification plant, office buildings and so on. Companies of all employees in good faith innovation, harmony and impartial service purposes, has in various regions around the construction of a number of large and small refrigerator and steel projects, our customers receive the praise and recognition.

    We are the competitive enterprises of Fujian Provincial Exhibition of thermal insulation materials and steel industry , provincial contract and trustworthy units. The philosophy of "service is only a starting point, with no end" as a guide to action for all staff and service purposes. The company won a good reputation in the development of the market, the company proposed a "resource is the life, service is fundamental," "Our principle is to do a good job every business" business philosophy. The concept for the development of enterprises established to broaden the business market, and achieved good economic benefits. In business management, the company has developed in the image, policy, treatment approaches to stimulate staff for the development of enterprises laid a solid foundation. Advancing the development of macro people will be advanced production equipment, unique scientific management,superb production methods, reasonable prices, warm and high quality service, willing to work together to create brilliant Chinese and foreign customers.